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This course is suitable for practitioners in a variety of fields including osteopaths, chiropractors, massage and shiatsu therapists, yoga teachers, and other bodyworkers. An expansive addition to any CV, after training with AWA you’ll be certified to practise the techniques with clients, help them manage back and pelvic pain, and take a proactive approach to their wellbeing.  There is also the possibility of attending the course as a layperson in order to gain insight into how to manage your own pain and pelvic alignment

The complementary elements of these two modalities offer therapists and healers the framework to support their clients to greater wellbeing: Pelvic Correction aligns the spine and Yuan Shi Dian eliminates residual pain. Both facilitate the transition into a pain-free, positive and healthy future.   

The following is an indication of what will be covered during each three-day course:


Why aligning the pelvis is important 

  • Learn why the pelvis is foundational to the body’s wellbeing

  • Discover more about the body’s centre of gravity or ‘hara’ 


Dislocation of the pelvis – why and how it happens

  • From labour and birth to hysterectomy – reasons for misalignment

  • Find out why dislocation is so widespread  

Common problems associated with a misaligned pelvis

  • Which pathologies to look out for, including: musculoskeletal aches and pains; femoral/inguinal hernia; miscarriage; cysts on ovaries, uterine and pubic bone disorders; endometriosis; hip dysfunctions; lumbago and sciatica

Hands-on techniques for pelvic alignment

  • Learn simple actions to align the pelvis

  • Take home follow-up bodywork techniques that maintain stabilisation


Yuan Shi Dian Medicine – illness and health

  • Learn a revolutionary way of approaching illness and health

  • Discover how to apply YSD to nourish existing wellbeing

Yuan Shi Dian demonstrations

  • Watch YSD in action and discover how to do it for yourself


Essential techniques for pain relief

  • Learn YSD techniques you can use to ease discomfort and illness

  • Apply your new skills immediately and witness the difference

Hands-on practical tutorial

  • Practice YSD and Pelvic Correction techniques with support and guidance from your tutors


Inspiring case studies

  • Find out how these healing modalities have changed lives

  • Get practical take-away learning from hearing others’ stories

Conclusion and closing

  • Question and answer time with your teachers

  • Reflecting on the day’s learning together and sharing next steps



“Good teaching is all about helping others to become more of what they are meant to be.

  I do not know of anything more fulfilling than the knowledge that a lesson or class I have given has inspired or assisted someone in some way, in particular when that assistance leads to a less painful life for a long-term sufferer.” 

- Alexander

“There are so many people suffering; many in silence, every day, regardless of painkillers, antidepressants, steroid injections or surgical procedures. Our sole goal is to help others understand the reason for their physical, mental and emotional pain and empower them to look after their own health and that of their clients and families.”

- Wei 

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