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The idea of a misaligned pelvis having a profound but detrimental impact on our physiology is baffling to understand, and then, certain pathological disorders conversely may have a damaging impact on the bony frame also, such as the dislocating of the joints at various bodily locations - typically the joints of the lower lumbar vertebrae and pelvis. 


The misaligned pelvis not only induces musculoskeletal aches and pains but may also engender physiological and pathological conditions. In this way, the connectedness of all the visceral organs of the body and its structures reveal their influences on one another. The terrible adverse effects on the joints of the skeletal frame are important to note.


An aligned pelvis generally means health, well-being and enjoying a pain-free life. Once the pelvis has become misaligned/dislocated, which actually is very commonplace, we look to the general health of the visceral organs of the body. The visceral organs typically involved in this conundrum, are the kidneys, spleen, colon and small intestine - it is because of their energetic deficiency and involvement with the health of the bones.


Disorders such as with femoral/inguinal hernia; miscarriage; cysts on ovaries, uterine and pubic bone; endometriosis; hip dysfunctions; lumbago and sciatica may owe their genesis to a dislocated pelvis. On the other hand, suffering a hysterectomy, or the birth of your first infant will more than likely distort the pelvis leading to lumbago, sciatica and back pain. The pathological list is endless. Needless to say, leg length discrepancy is also, the main feature of pelvic disorders.



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