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Alexander arrie

Alexander Barrie. FwSS CST

Founder of The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™︎

  • Registered craniosacral therapist and shiatsu practitioner

  • Back pain consultant

  • British Wheel of Yoga teacher

Drawing on 35 years practising a variety of natural therapies, Alexander now takes a deeply intuitive approach to his work. Guided by the recurring problems he witnessed in his clients he founded The Alexander Barrie System of Pelvic Correction™︎ to ease back pain and offer freedom from deep-rooted musculoskeletal issues.


He has written three books, including one specifically on pelvic alignment. A father of one, he lives in North London with his wife, and in his spare time is a musician and astrologer.


  • Practitioner in Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) / Origin Point Medicine

  • Registered with the Shiatsu Society as a Senior Practitioner (SRSS)

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner

  • Senior Associate Member of The Royal Society of Medicine

Growing up in Beijing with a respected medical doctor father, Wei inherited Traditional Chinese Medicine skills and knowledge. Now a pioneering London therapist, she has gained years of clinical experience in the West and Taiwan. Driven by a deep care for others, becoming a healing therapist was a long-held ambition for Wei, whose training extends to the rare Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) / Origin Point Medicine, which eases pain and treats serious disorders.


With a focus on empowering her clients to live their healthiest lives, she is also trained in nutrition and the use of fasting to heal the body. 

Wei Wu Wellness
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